Chrisjarvell Adams

SUNY Buffalo State

Chrisjarvell Adams is a junior at SUNY Buffalo State College majoring in Business Administration. He is committed to social justice, civic engagement, and community service. As a member of the Men of Merit program at Buffalo State College and a member of the Men of Merit Advisory Board, Chrisjarvell has been instrumental in engaging underrepresented male students by creating initiatives that inspire young men to become men of excellence, distinction, and integrity. Chrisjarvell has a giving heart and has displayed this quality through his efforts to help the homeless in the community.

Dr. Katherine Conway-Turner
SUNY Buffalo State

Personal Statement

Growing up my first form of Civic Engagement was when a foreign student had moved in my neighborhood and attended Elementary School with me. He couldn't speak any English and I took it upon myself as a third grader to help him learn. This was the first act that made me naturally take a leadership role in my life. Fast forwarding to my High school years, I partnered up with a teacher of mine and started a group to which we would donate clothing and food to homeless children just in my community. I didn't have much growing up but I knew if I could put forth an effort to give to those in need then maybe others would see my path and I could create a domino effect of support. I knew helping people and peers in my community was something I loved naturally so after becoming a manager at my job I started hiring community members and friends who grew up with similar hardships like me just to give them a way out. Following my arrival to college, I teamed up with the Director of Equity and Diversity to help implement an organization called the Men of Merit! We had our first conference on December 1, 2018, and as a store manager of Tops, my company sponsored food for the attendees. I've now started mentoring students at my college through a motivational speaking platform and have helped many students push through college. I plan to study more about social justice issues and community problems when I graduate in May 2020 with a team of students behind me to help solve more of these social justice issues. Being in this program could also assist me in gaining increased knowledge of civic engagement and social justice.

Chrisjarvell Adams
Business Administration: Class of 2021
written 2019

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