Chloe Hills

Drexel University

Chloe Hills, a sophomore Legal Studies at Drexel University, is driven to identify and address the root causes of immigration & human rights issues. During the summer after her first year at Drexel, Chloe volunteered at a law firm to help refugees fleeing persecution seek asylum in the United States. This experience galvanized a desire to further her knowledge with a goal of leading her peers towards a path of advocacy and action. Chloe is currently working alongside the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition, an advocacy organization that aims to advance immigrants' rights. Chloe realizes that registering new citizens and building meaningful relationships empowers them to vote, to advocate for their basic human rights, and build their collective voice within their communities across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Chloe recognizes the privilege she is granted within many systematic structures of education, access, and policy and she is driven to make these structures more inclusive and equitable. She has amazing motivation and potential to mobilize other student leaders to collaborate on key issues, especially in regards to immigration and human rights.

John Fry
Drexel University

Personal Statement

I have always been extremely passionate about equal rights for everyone and treating everyone fairly. I applied this broad desire by focusing it more specifically at a law firm where I worked over the summer to help with cases regarding victims of persecution who are seeking asylum in the United States. After my time was completed at the law firm, I started serving at the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition with the help of the Drexel Community Scholars program. Here, I have been able to continue my advocacy work by attending naturalization ceremonies and registering new citizens to vote so that they can exercise their right to participate in the electoral processes. I am driven to bring attention to minority communities where imperative human rights reform is needed. I plan to utilize what I am learning as a Legal Studies major at Drexel University and my experience with community-based organizations to continue educating myself and gaining the necessary tools in order to mobilize my peers to advocate for equal human rights and equitable immigration policies.

Chloe Hills
Legal Studies: Class of 2020
written 2017

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