Chloe Gallegos

Texas Lutheran University

Chloe Gallegos, a third-year student at Texas Lutheran University, is a student leader passionate about environmental justice and poverty eradication. Over the past year, Chloe has served alongside National Church Residences at Eden Cross senior residence community, which serves TLU’s surrounding community of Seguin, TX. In addition to recruiting and facilitating volunteer opportunities for TLU students with Eden Cross, Chloe has helped to maintain the university’s long-standing relationship with this community organization. She is currently working to grow curricular partnerships with Eden Cross and the TLU music and nursing departments to meet ongoing needs they have for their senior residents.

Dr. Debbie Cottrell
Texas Lutheran University

Personal Statement

I was always taught to give back to my community and help those in need. Helping others has never felt like a job or an inconvenience, it is something I love to do and will always do. Every human deserves respect and dignity. I believe these human rights are the basis for a successful community. When you treat people with respect and listen to their needs, people begin to look out for something other than themselves. Every act of kindness starts a wildfire of love and humanity. At Texas Lutheran University, I am a student leader working with the Center for Servant Leadership (CSL), where I get to help spark others’ passion for service and community change. Serving alongside Eden Cross senior residences with the CSL has allowed me to connect my peers with local people in need of social interaction and resources. Environmental justice begins with people having their basic human needs met, and my collaborative approach with supporting older residents in the community with Eden Cross allows me to directly address this social problem in our local community.

Chloe Gallegos
Environmental Biology: Class of 2021
written 2020

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