Chidimma Obioma

California State University, East Bay

Chidimma Obioma, a third year nursing student at California State University East Bay, is an exceptional student who is dedicated to making long lasting impacts in her community. At the beginning of her freshman year, she became a student leader in the organization, Pioneers for Change. Through her engagement in the program for the past three years, Chidimma has volunteered hundreds of hours participating in various service projects and community events with numerous organizations such as the Alameda County Community Food Bank, the City of Hayward Tutoring Center, Habitat for Humanity, Downtown Streets Team and MedShare. In addition, she has led more than 300 freshmen at multiple service events for the university required "Freshman Day of Service." Her focus and passion in healthcare has sparked her future interest in working with underserved communities, providing improved healthcare access to people who are often overlooked. Chidimma continues to stay involved with the issues that affect her community through advocacy and her desire for equality.

Leroy Morishita
California State University, East Bay

Personal Statement

As a nursing major, I have taken great interest in the issues of equal access to healthcare, the various health disparities that accompany our systems, and the ways in which such disparities effect myself and the people of my community. During my sophomore year, I worked with MedShare, an organization whose purpose is to improve the healthcare system of our local, national, and global communities. I learned a great deal about the huge population of people in underserved communities who are facing issues regarding access to healthcare. As I continue to gain more experience in the healthcare field, I continue to gain a wider range of knowledge and understanding of the struggles of many people. In the future, I hope to broaden awareness regarding healthcare inequities on both the local and global level. I plan to participate in trips overseas, working in clinics and directly bringing improved healthcare service to people worldwide. I will continue to advocate on behalf of this cause with the hope of bringing more people together to participate in the conversations essential to the elimination of health disparities and the promotion of health equity and access.

Chidimma Obioma
Nursing: Class of 2020
written 2018

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