Chabria Cannaday

Goucher College

Chabria, a Business Management Major with an Arts Administration Concentration and Dance Minor, learned to be very independent and inquisitive at an early age. She attributes her independence and rich personal growth to her home schooling, which allowed her to explore the world from many perspectives as she began to understand her own beliefs. This incredible mindfulness led Chabria to become a Student Leader for Civic Action, and assume the roles of peer facilitator, teacher and learner simultaneously. Guiding the Read-A-Story/Write-A-Story at Barclay Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore City, Chabria brings a deep sense of community to her work. She loves that this program skillfully brings a pre-professional lens to practical community-based experience, and has completely blurred the lines between her academic classes and training as a student leader. She encourages her peers to understand their impact on the children in the reading program, and to manage their expectations. Their impact might not be immediately evident, but being present and positive in all interactions will provide a wonderful chance to connect with youth. Chabria's strong faith, robust work ethic and thoughtful approach to community-based work exemplifies the extraordinary leadership legacy of Frank Newman.

Dr. Jose Bowen
Goucher College

Personal Statement

When I came to college, I thought that I had everything figured out. I wanted to pursue a career in business and somehow wrap in my love for dance in there as well, but, I also had many ideas about serving the communities around me through development. After my first semester, I actually didn't know how to wrap all of the ideas together. After expressing these ideas to my academic advisor, they informed me that I could pursue "Arts Administration through Business," an area that includes the business management foundation with the combination of an art form (dance) and learning how to use these tools from the perspective of a nonprofit. I remember the excitement that I had when I learned that there was actually a career path out there that captured my visions so perfectly. As I continued to learn about arts administration and the connection to local communities, becoming a Student Leader for Civic Action through my college's Community-Based Learning Office gave me an amazing jump start in this area. Working in this position has allowed my passion for community development to grow and provided a great foundation in what my future will build onto.

Chabria Cannaday
Business Management & Arts Administration, Dance Minor: Class of 2020
written 2019

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