Caylyn Hall

Shippensburg University

Ms. Hall is currently a junior Geoenvironmental Studies major, President of the Shippensburg University Campus Farm Club, and also a member of our Marching Band. She is a first generation college student from northeastern Pennsylvania and currently works part-time at Chambersburg Hospital to pay her way through college.
Ms. Hall has been actively involved over the last three years in a wide variety of projects and undergraduate research sponsored and led by faculty and students in the Department of Geography & Earth Science. In this capacity, Caylyn became very interested in environmental issues and especially those that relate to agriculture, food production, and sustainability. Ms. Hall has a passion for soils, and all things farming! This led Ms. Hall to initiate development of an independent research project as a rising sophomore to investigate methods for producing and growing with biochar soil amendments.
Ms. Hall wrote a successful undergraduate research grant and obtained funding to purchase the materials to build her own biochar kiln to provide the materials for her research, which she presented last spring at the University's Minds@Work Conference.

Laurie Carter
Shippensburg University

Personal Statement

As a student who is committed to their studies and co-curricular experiences, a key component of my integration into my local community is the acknowledgement of the issues that it faces. Hailing from North-Central Pennsylvania, I realize that agricultural is the life source of our culture. I have dedicated my college research to solving issues that surround harmful agricultural practices. I have also dedicated my spare time to lead a local farm club whose mission is to educate school aged children and local community members about the benefits of sustainable agriculture. One of my personal missions, before leaving my university, is to ignite a spark in those whom will follow in my footsteps. Passion is what drives the changes I have made, and I hope this will drive others to continue this critical work.

Caylyn Hall
Geoenvironmental Studies : Class of 2019
written 2018

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