Catalina Arenas

Norwalk Community College

Catalina is a Liberal Arts and Sciences major. Her future ambition is to graduate from Norwalk Community College, attend a 4-year institution, and earn a degree in Biology. In the future, she hopes to purchase land to research strategies to positively effect the environment. Catalina attended the Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Service Trip to Heifer International in March of 2016. This experience inspired Catalina to dedicate her life to positively impacting the planet through service and education. Catalina is the current President of the NCC Gardening Club. One goal of the Gardening Club is to stress the importance of composting. Catalina's passion is evident through her incredible commitment to the NCC garden and composting endeavor. She can be seen working in our garden and compost area outside the cafeteria and throughout campus in all weather and seasons. Catalina believes educating the NCC community about sustainability and sustainable living will reduce our carbon footprint and increase environment resources for all.

David Levinson
Norwalk Community College

Personal Statement

I first became interested in sustainability when I discovered the path of seeking the truth. I started to feel the need to take responsibility for being alive and living within a large society. This meant becoming aware of my consumptions- physically and mentally. In the process of learning about my consumptions, I had the realization I consume a lot more than I produce.
My first year in Norwalk Community College I had the opportunity of going on an alternative spring break program. The two-week program gave me the realization agriculture is the way I would contribute to the growth of my psyche, and the community within which I live. When returning from the program I started working in the NCC garden to give our community local, fresh food and to supply me with free therapy. I continue on the path of discovering what it means to be a human being and the responsibilities that come along with it. I believe that through a mutualistic relationship with nature and those around me, I will achieve everything I set my mind to.

Catalina Arenas
Liberal Arts and Sciences: Class of 2019
written 2018

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