Cassandra Cook

Rocky Mountain College

Cassandra Cook, a third year undergraduate student at Rocky Mountain College is a Biology and Chemistry double major, with a pre-med focus. She has served the Rocky and Billings community through her involvement with Lions Club, SPOT, Special Olympics Montana, Rocky Connections mentoring, student ambassador and Big Brothers Big Sisters. She has demonstrated commitment to community involvement through mentoring and leadership opportunities. Cassandra, as a first generation college student has a particular passion for underprivileged kids and serves as an advocate in programming relating to K-12 success and college access.

Robert Wilmouth
Rocky Mountain College

Personal Statement

I have enjoyed becoming a part of Rocky's community, and, generally Montana as a hole. Being involved with Student Ambassadors my first year of college has inclined me to become involved with other public service programs. I am involved with the RMC Student Lions Club, Space Public Outreach Program (SPOT), Rocky Connections & LEAP Mentoring and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County-Bears & Cubs program. Specifically, the Big Brothers Big Sisters program has had a substantial impact on me personally, because not only do I have the opportunity to impact the life of my "little", she gives me the humbling and enjoyable perspective of a child. Giving back to the community, being involved is just part of who I am. Being involved in programs through high school and college have helped shape my academic and long term career goals. Through my mentoring especially, I hope to share that inspiration and hope with someone who may need it.

Cassandra Cook
Double Major-Biology and Chemistry, Minor in Physics: Class of December 2018
written 2017

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