Cassandra (Cassie) Macedo

Metropolitan State University

Cassandra Macedo is starting her final year at Metropolitan State University in the Advocacy and Political Leadership Masters program, and is a civic champion and activist dedicated to racial and economic justice in Minnesota. Cassandra was instrumental in the COVID-adapted Metro State Votes campaign to mobilize and educate the campus and broader community about the unprecedented 2020 elections. Outside of school, Cassandra is a community organizer with the Animal Humane Society where she partners with communities to provide low-cost pet care, analyzes animal welfare policies, advances the organization’s equity and inclusion work. In all her work and learning, Cassandra is an active listener whose own life experiences inform her approach to centering BIPOC and queer voices, acting with curiosity, and working in partnership to transform communities. After graduation, Cassandra plans to run for office and represent marginalized voices and fight for equitable policies in her home community of Apple Valley, MN.

Virginia "Ginny" Arthur
Metropolitan State University

Personal Statement

As a problem solver by nature, I enjoy spending time thinking of the complexities within human existence. As an advocate, activist and changemaker I join my problem-solving skills with my passion for justice and equity to see the world as it is, but also the world as it could be. I find solace in community when our country’s problem seems too grand and unchangeable. I know that relationship building and community organizing restores power within us. Relationship building allows space to confront our socials issues, to participate in learning and re-learning, and to take action on issues collectively. I advocate for systems change that is equitable, from an intersectional lens and brings in voices that are systematically left out. I say with pride and hopefulness, that I’m dedicating my life to systems change much like my ancestors did before me. Though at times change feels impossible we all deserve freedom without oppression and rights to our own humanity. During these times I’ve been referring to James Baldwin, who said it best; “we can disagree and still love each other, unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist.”

Cassandra (Cassie) Macedo
Advocacy and Political Leadership: Class of 21-Dec
written 2021

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