Carrie Provost

Bridgewater State University

Carrie Provost, a senior at Bridgewater State University (BSU), exemplifies the passion, enthusiasm and collaborative spirit needed to create positive social change in today’s world. Despite the barriers created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Carrie has been an active leader at BSU, serving as the Vice President of the Native American Cultural Association and a Justice Fellow with the Martin Richard Institute for Social Justice. She works diligently with her peers and faculty mentors to develop awareness campaigns to increase knowledge about pressing social issues that disproportionally impact marginalized communities. Her efforts to provide resources and learning opportunities for her peers and members of her local community have demonstrated her dedication to becoming a strong advocate for youth and under-resourced communities. Carrie is a humble leader, who is eager to collaborate with others to address social issues. The Newman Civic Fellowship will allow Carrie the opportunity to expand her knowledge of social change strategies and to gain inspiration by engaging with the national network of fellows. Carrie reflects the very best of BSU and represents the values and goals we set for ourselves as an institution. She embodies the hope, motivation and creativity needed to be a successful changemaker.

Frederick W. Clark Jr.
Bridgewater State University

Personal Statement

My work on my university’s campus revolves heavily around diversity, equity, inclusion, and gaining awareness on pressing issues. Much of my love and motivation for this work is centered around youth empowerment and supporting advocacy for first generation college students. In my local community I created events that provide resources and support the growth of youth from marginalized identities. As a college student, having a sense of community at Bridgewater was important to me. I found that sense of community through the Native American Cultural Association (NACA), a student club. As the Vice President of NACA I have collaborated with other cultural clubs to gain a greater understanding of issues that other communities face and have connected with other students, staff and faculty. I want to help first generation college students gain a connection to peers and mentors that can provide them a platform to grow. I strongly believe that every child has the ability to make change and to be a great leader one day. However, not every child or student is given equal access to resources and strong connections to role models. I strive to address these inequalities and make a better future for the generations to come.

Carrie Provost
Double Majors: Criminal Justice & English Minor: Native American & Indigenous Studies : Class of May 2023
written 2022

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