Carmen Carroll

Washington & Jefferson College

Carmen Carroll, a second year student at Washington & Jefferson College, began her leadership and engagement experience early during her student journey. She was invited to the College as a participant in the Washington Fellows Program, a selective program for exceptional students who want to challenge themselves in their years at W&J. Candidates are students who seek an in-depth engagement in the liberal arts and sciences, for the betterment of themselves and the world. In her first year at W&J, Carmen also took advantage of an opportunity to increase her social impact globally by participating in the W&J Magellan Project, which provides W&J students with the support and funding necessary to pursue their own self-designed summer research projects. With Carmen's interest in social justice, she designed a program which took her to Nairobi, Kenya, where she completed research involving the treatment of women and their relationship to the education system. She continues her Magellan work, while at the same time focusing on social justice efforts through her involvement in the Black Student Union and the Student Government Association.

Tori Haring-Smith
Washington & Jefferson College

Personal Statement

My views on life have been formed by the idea of community. The first time I knew community was important to society was with my work at BRASS Camp, an organization for children that have sibling with cancer. I was a counselor for children that were coping with situations that could not be explained. It was at BRASS Camp where I realized that my work with non-profits could impact many lives. At Washington & Jefferson College, I was able to further my interest and travel to Nairobi, Kenya where I researched women's rights and made a documentary about the admiration and struggles of Kenyan women. This summer, I will be staying at a rescue home (Hekima Place) for Kenyan girls teaching, mentoring, and working behind the scene of the organization. My approach to addressing the root causes of social issues is simple: hands-on and being active in dismantling injustice is crucial. Also being an advocate when it is not popular, whether it is in classrooms, work spaces, or a social setting. In the future, I intend on working in non-profit organizations that fight social issues and public problems.

Carmen Carroll
Communication Arts & Spanish/Concentration in American Studies: Class of 2019
written 2017

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