Cameron Costa

Bristol Community College

Cameron Costa, a first year student at Bristol Community College, is a student leader who is active in both the local college and broader communities focusing on social justice issues pertaining to race and gender. Cameron works actively to advocate for the LatinX population to increase access to higher education and help close achievement gaps through intentional, student-centered conversations on campus and through his work with local youth organizations. As a champion for women's rights, Cameron has worked alongside leaders of the Women's March to increase awareness of the many challenges women face locally and globally. He is currently responsible for facilitating a wide array of enrichment opportunities for inner-city K-12 students, using this work to further his efforts to eliminate racism and empower marginalized populations through mentoring future generations.

Dr. Laura Douglas
Bristol Community College

Personal Statement

I am currently a first-year student and the Student Senate President at Bristol Community College. While being at Bristol, as a Latino male student, I have learned about the problem of having a low retention/achievement rate among LatinX students. Being a Latino student, I feel that it is my responsibility to advocate for all LatinX students by trying to help close this achievement gap and make the conversation more centered around students rather than just statistical data. Along with fighting for LatinX students, I try to be a major advocate for women and, more specifically, women of color.

My love of service began in high school when I became involved with three organizations including the YWCA, whose mission is to Eliminate Racism and Empower Women, Youth Opportunities Unlimited Inc., whose mission is to promote healthy eating and activity to inner city youth, and my local church Christian Fellowship Center.

Giving back to whatever community I am a part of is about service to others, not acknowledgement, which is why I am extremely humbled to be nominated for this award. My slogan in life is “Making a Better Tomorrow” and I believe I have tried my best to see this through.

Cameron Costa
Business Administration: Class of 2021
written 2020

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