Caleb Hylton

Seminole State College of Florida

Caleb Hylton, a third year student at Seminole State, is a student leader active in addressing various social issues. In his role as the Student Government Association President for our Sanford/Lake Mary campus, he has been an advocate for increasing awareness and implementing several initiatives including a college-wide recycling program and working with faculty to create a safe space for immigrant students. He coordinates service projects for students where the volunteers not only help other people in our community, but also learn lessons on how important it is to be civically engaged. Caleb is admired by his peers, is an exceptional leader and is dedicated to making a difference in our community.

E. Ann McGee
Seminole State College of Florida

Personal Statement

There's two things that I value greatly, building a sense of community and creating inclusive environments. Using my position as SGA President, I have worked hard to ensure that students of the Seminole State College Sanford/Lake Mary Campus can feel like they are a part of our school community. This work can be seen through several projects we've undertaken this year to try to improve the overall student experience. First, we've worked to ensure that there are more diverse types of recycling and that our recycling is being handled properly because our students have shown that the environment is a priority to them. We have also been working to improve the lives of our female students by providing feminine hygiene products in the restrooms. Something that has become increasingly more important is making certain that our Immigrant/International Students feel safe on campus, so we're working on developing Safe Spaces for them. Lastly, my team and I have been developing a "Free Printing" model that would help both new and current students with their printing issues. Altogether we make it a priority that students opinions and voices are taken into consideration to ensure that we make a better campus for everyone.

Caleb Hylton
Information Systems Technology: Class of May 2018
written 2017

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