Brynn Raub

Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Brynn Raub, a junior education major, is an exceptional young woman dedicated to community service and social justice, and a role model for engagement, not only at Millersville University but in the greater Lancaster County community.
Brynn is an integral part of the University’s Color of Teaching program, a mentoring program for middle school and high school students. Brynn exemplifies excellent leadership skills and a true desire to promote the organization as well as the value of community service.
Brynn exemplifies model civic engagement through her active participation in the Robert and Sue Walker Fellowship, the campus cohort that encourages civic engagement by hosting a variety of events such as Congress on Campus, Legislative Speakers events, Voter Registration Day and Election Day.
Additionally, Brynn serves as an educational support coach on campus for students with intellectual disabilities enrolled in a post-secondary inclusive education program. As such, she provides support to students in the areas of personal well being, academics, social/belonging, and career exploration. As a coach, she uses her personal experiences as a Millersville student to support students with problem-solving, identifying available campus supports, providing guidance, and ensuring the students she supports are making the most of their college experience.

Daniel Wubah
Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Personal Statement

Early in my college career, I realized my purpose and passion: to serve others, to use my privilege to aid other groups of people who may not enjoy the same liberties I have, and to act as an inspiration for other people and to encourage others share their own voices.
Millersville lit passion in me. I would like to do the same thing in my community and inspire future generations to continue that legacy.
On campus, I am active in The Color of Teaching Mentoring Program (COT). COT provides students (in grades 7-12) of color, first generation students, and others, a college mentor whose purpose is to guide and support.
I am a member of the Walker Fellowship, a cohort of students that encourage civic engagement by hosting a variety of different events such as Congress to Campus that brings former members of the U.S. Congress to campus to speak to students. We host a variety of events throughout the year encouraging students to vote and get involved in their government. I see it as my duty to alleviate some challenges and disadvantages people face, so they have the opportunity to blossom into the best versions of themselves.

Brynn Raub
English: Class of 2021
written 2020

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