Brooklyn Herriman

Connors State College

Brooklyn Herriman, a sophomore at Connors State College, is an important and effective leader on campus. She is president of the Student Government Association (SGA), an Agriculture Ambassador, and a member of the President's Leadership Class. She is passionate about helping others and giving back to her community. Under her leadership, the SGA started an initiative to connect students with the local community. During her time at Connors, she helped implement a Thanksgiving meal for the less fortunate in our small rural town feeding over 150 people. She also led a group of students to serve meals at a local homeless shelter. During the holidays, she helped the Agriculture Ambassadors with a food drive to replenish the shelves of local food pantries. While serving as student government president, she led the SGA to host a community movie night for families to come on campus and enjoy a free movie and refreshments. Even more amazing is the fact that she did a lot of this while on crutches for a period of time! She continues to lead and encourage her fellow students to look for more ways to connect with the community and leave a legacy of service and goodwill.

Dr. Ronald Ramming
Connors State College

Personal Statement

15.8% of Oklahomans fall below the poverty line. In my hometown of Warner, Oklahoma, the reality of poverty is apparent. I have always tried to give back, but my time at Connors State College has given me a bigger platform to help. I have served as the president of the Student Government Association, and am also a member of the President's Leadership Class, and an Agriculture Ambassador. Being part of these organizations has allowed me to give back to my community.

During my service as SGA president, we began an initiative to help serve our community. We implemented a Thanksgiving Dinner for the surrounding community to give them a chance to eat a Thanksgiving meal they otherwise might not have been able to have. We have also served food to our local homeless shelter as well as hosted food drives to restock the local food pantries. Another part of our community initiative is for more community involvement with the college students. We hosted a Community Movie Night for families to come and enjoy a free movie and refreshments. With the spring semester starting up, we plan to add more events and leave a lasting legacy for our school and community.

Brooklyn Herriman
Agriculture: Animal Science Option: Class of 2019
written 2019

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