Britt Pickering

Kennesaw State University

Britt Pickering, a third year student at Kennesaw State University, is a student leader active in addressing issues of sustainable and ethical clothing practices. Current practices of clothing production are unsustainable and are linked to crises such as human rights violations as well as environmental harm. Britt is currently working on a Directed Study partnering with students and citizens in Bangladesh to address ethical clothing sourcing policies.

By collaborating with a select group of faculty members and students, Britt is currently organizing several projects on campus. Her projects include clothing recycling bins and clothes swaps that she hosts on campus. This clothing donated from the bins will benefit CARE Services which offers support to students who have experienced homelessness, food insecurity and/or the foster care system, as well as local non-profits, and animal shelters. The clothes swaps encourage students and faculty to practice ethical, sustainable clothing consumption while revamping their wardrobes.

When not organizing events to benefit the global community, she works in healthcare, caring for quadriplegic individuals. She also enjoys salsa dancing, visiting museums, traveling, and cooking. Britt is also very active in other student organizations on campus, partnering with them to implement various initiatives on campus.

By developing ways to raise awareness and educate others on the myriad of issues related to the clothing industry, Britt is truly dedicated to creating a positive and lasting global impact.

Ken Harmon
Interim President
Kennesaw State University

Personal Statement

I have a passion for improving the world. It is often too simple to turn a blind eye to problems halfway around the world when they don’t directly affect us in our own homes. As consumers, we neglect to see how our purchases directly affect the livelihood of others and the planet. This battle of the culture of consumption versus ethics and morals has a significant impact on human lives. By enlightening students about the impact their choices have, and by working to create policies and practices that will benefit people and our planet, I am confident there can be a positive and lasting change on my campus. Furthermore, we can take these learnings and collectively improve our world. Good acts, no matter how small, are never insignificant. They are akin to the "butterfly effect". One positive deed can lead to another, and another, and so on. Community engagement is essential for improving and enhancing the human experience.

Britt Pickering
Sociology: Class of May 2019
written 2018

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