Brianna LaGuardia

Bryant University

Brianna LaGuardia, a member of the class of '19, exemplifies what Bryant University means when in its slogan, the Character of Success. Brianna has embraced the spirit and energy of social entrepreneurship on campus and beyond organizing events and leading other students to work for positive social change. Always ready to help and to support others, she is developing opportunities to see how all sectors of our social system can be challenged to do better. This includes the government, private industry, the nonprofit community and our universities. She has led a successful effort on campus to put our community in touch with leading social enterprises in our area and beyond, extending the reach and impact of these organizations and informing our students, faculty and staff about social innovations that can make a significant difference in the lives of all of us.

Ronald Machtley
Bryant University

Personal Statement

I consider myself fortunate to have found my passion at such a young age. Social Entrepreneurship, my major, is something I have devoted my life to. I strive to make the world a better place for people who are not as fortunate and need assistance. Throughout high school, I served as President of Key Club, a 100% student-led organization, which teaches leadership through service to others and as Founder and President of Student Movement Against Cancer. Additionally, I worked with the local food pantry and was involved in addressing issues of economic inequality.
In college, I serve on the executive board of Special Olympics and Love Your Melon. This year I also had the privilege of serving as the Giving for Good Coordinator, a holiday marketplace bringing campus social entrepreneurs to campus who showcase their goods for sale. We are working to bring this model to other campuses. In the future, I plan on starting my own social enterprise and, hope to create a product that will be aimed towards solving important social problems. I have high aspirations in what is achievable; for example, granting every child in third world countries an education.

Brianna LaGuardia
Business Administration/Social Entrerpreneurship: Class of May 2019
written 2017

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