Brianna Egers

William Paterson University

Brianna Egers, a sophomore majoring in Marketing with an Interpersonal Communications minor, has served the WP and local community by participating in over 35 university coordinated civic engagement activities, Student Government, and as a Peer Mentor. Brianna embodies the ideals of civic engagement by serving her campus and surrounding community, and encouraging others to follow her lead. She coordinated service activities for Liberty Humane Society and Oasis a Haven for Women and Children, and is a One Love Foundation Facilitator to raise awareness about sexual assault. She participated in WP's annual MLK Day of Service at local community soup kitchens, pantries, park clean-ups and senior centers. Brianna shares the knowledge and experience she has gained in the classroom by mentoring high school students with mock interviews and professional interpersonal skills. As a Peer Mentor for First Year Seminar and Pioneer Leadership Institute emerging leaders program, she encourages students to serve, and has been instrumental in helping new students adjust to campus life and develop their leadership skills. As a recipient of the Student Government's Rising Star Award, she demonstrates leadership, involvement, service to the university and community with the potential for future service to William Paterson and beyond.

Kathleen Waldron
William Paterson University

Personal Statement

When I first arrived at William Paterson University, I never saw myself making any impact in such a limited time. After spending only a few days on campus, I made the decision to focus solely on academics. However, I found that I was succeeding with my classes and had free time to do other things. It was then that I decided to fill my free time with community service, thus unlocking my gateway into leadership and campus involvement. I was enamored by the feelings that came from giving my time to others. By my second semester, I held three leadership positions on campus, including influential positions in the Student Government Association and Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity. Service is a value that I hold dear to my heart and I want to continue to share my passions with everyone around me. As a Peer Leader and Pioneer Leadership Institute Mentor, I help transition first year students into college, and emphasize the importance of how developing personal leadership and being civically engaged uplifts the community. I will always aspire to create change on a macro level, it started from within and now it can only grow externally.

Brianna Egers
Marketing / Interpersonal Communications: Class of May 2019
written 2017

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