Briana Middleton

The College at Brockport

Briana Middleton, a junior with a double major in psychology and Spanish, is a student leader at The College at Brockport who is passionate about social change. She serves in several leadership positions on campus focused on creating a social and political impact. As an officer of "The Movement", Briana facilitates weekly forums centered on raising awareness and educating peers on social activism and community service. Through her work on campus, she has also fostered collaborations between the College and local organizations. Currently Briana is leveraging those community relationships, working with Swipe Out Hunger to create a "Food Swipe Donation Bank", an organization that will help to provide food to students in need on campus.

Dr. Heidie R. Macpherson
The College at Brockport

Personal Statement

I’ve always been curious, and I grew up asking millions of questions. A question, after a question after a question leads to an answer. Growing up, I watched my mother show strangers’ random acts of kindness and it instilled a sense of gratitude in me before I understood its magnitude.

I’ve learned how to synthesize the world around me by asking questions and appreciating the diversity in it. The root of a solution is not to solve it, but to question and observe it. The root to understanding social issues is to understand the social conditions that prohibit a solution. My empathetic nature has made me someone who takes the time to learn about people, their life and their experiences so I can open myself up to worlds unlike mine.

Qualities like these have shaped me into a leader before I was able to recognize it. The ability to see a situation from more than one, even two sides has allowed me to become a critical thinker.

My leadership positions allow me to reach students in a variety of different capacities. I tackle problems in my community by showing up for others, being kind and physically hearing their stories.

Briana Middleton
Psychology and Spanish: Class of 2021
written 2020

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