Brett Conley

La Salle University

Brett Conley, a sophomore finance and business systems and analytics major at La Salle University, is a student leader active in issues of social justice. Brett came to La Salle with an impressive history of service and interfaith cooperation work, and has expanded on that during his time at La Salle. As a freshman, Brett began working with the University’s AIDS Outreach program, which partners with local organizations providing a social outlet for those affected by HIV/AIDS. Now coordinating this program, Brett also serves as a volunteer with the local Boys and Girls Club and Special Olympics. Additionally, Brett works to help other recognize and break down the barriers that divide our society. As a high school student, Brett was active with Interfaith Philadelphia and their Walking the Talk initiative, a nationally-recognized youth leadership program. He has utilized those skills developed as a Walking the Talk participant and has become an instrumental part of the University’s interfaith strategic planning process.

Colleen Hanycz
La Salle University

Personal Statement

Being born into a stereotypical white middle-class family, privilege is seen by society almost as a birth-right. At an early age my mother and father, as well as my church, guided me to use the privilege I was born with and use it to make our world a better place. I quickly got involved with organizations that addressed social issues such as food and housing insecurities. Fast forward to now being enrolled at La Salle, I am currently involved in and coordinate numerous campus service opportunities, such as AIDS Outreach, Boys & Girls Club, Special Olympics, and Habitat for Humanity. As a Coordinator for AIDS Outreach, it is our mission to break the stigma against HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia by serving with a social group for those affected by HIV/AIDS. Through my varied service experiences, I have been able to make special bonds and relationships with those who I have met on my service journey. It’s because of those relationships that service has not become a fad. Rather the service I do is a part of my everyday life. It is my personal goal to continually learn and educate others to eliminate barriers and inequalities.

Brett Conley
Finance/ Business Systems and Analytics: Class of 23-May
written 2021

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