Bo Cain

The Citadel

The son of two veterans, Bo Cain learned early on what a life of selfless service looks like. An Eagle Scout, Bo came to the Citadel ready to engage and has been an outstanding leader in Service Learning and Civic Engagement. The primary focus of his 300+ hours of service has been helping high-risk youth rise above their health and/or socioeconomic circumstances to achieve their maximum potential. He has mobilized the 80-100 students in his cadet company to support the work of the Metanoia community, particularly the student summer and after-school programs. His deep respect and compassion for others have made him effective at engaging a diverse array of children, youth, college students, and community partners. His passion for equity in education and economic opportunity is visible and infectious. He is excited to learn from peers and mentors throughout the Newman Civic Fellow Program network.

John Rosa
The Citadel

Personal Statement

I must admit that when I first starting volunteering with at-risk learners, I had no idea how it would transform my life. After one week of working with these children I felt truly connected to them and I knew that, no matter what, I wanted to continue working to help them succeed. Many people do not understand why I feel so passionately about at-risk students or why I would put up with elementary children resisting my efforts to help them, but for me, it is very personal. My sister experienced many of the same struggles throughout school. However, the one thing that separated her from them is that she had a support network in our family and in her schools. Most of the children I work with do not have that same support. Having had such privilege growing up I feel obliged to give back in some way. Working with at-risk students has been some of the most rewarding work I have ever done. I know that all of these kids are capable of truly awesome things.

Bo Cain
Political Science: Class of 2018
written 2017

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