Bethany Weaver

Eastern Florida State College

Bethany Weaver is a Business and Non-profit management major whose passion for service has led her to new vistas of opportunity. For the past two years, Bethany's work to address issues of poverty, education, and homelessness has driven her ambition to expand her mission on a global scale. In partnership with a local non-profit, Bethany helped to manage an initiative to deliver critical supplies and assistance to orphanages in Honduras and Haiti. An upcoming Honors graduate and Citizen Scholar, Bethany is a student leader who plans to pursue her dedication to service with a career in the non-profit sector. As she pursues her education, Bethany plans to continue her work in support of developing nations and in raising awareness of global inequity to the youth of first-world nations.

Dr. James Richey
Eastern Florida State College

Personal Statement

Standing on a mountainside overlooking a Honduran village, I felt an overwhelming rush of reality as the world around me looked nothing like the world I previously experienced. The visit enhanced my desire to work toward my Master's degree in Non-Profit and Communications. This was my first time visiting a third world country and the experience at that Honduran orphanage gave me insight as to how much one person can make a difference. I will pursue work with a global non-profit. My goal would be to bring inequity realism to the youth of first world countries. While working with a local non-profit, I have gained foundational skills I will use today and into the future. I am not only doing this for myself; I am working to earn my degree so that I may help non-profit institutions. I have a passion to impact the world around me. I will continue working in my local community and eventually spread outwards into the far-reaching realms of society. As a lifelong volunteer, my motto is "Live for others and you will never have need for anything." I want to impact my world. To me, the world is something I can effect.

Bethany Weaver
Business and Non-Profit Management: Class of 2020
written 2019

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