Benjamin Lenox

Salisbury University

Ben Lenox shows a passion for making positive social change. While a first semester student at Salisbury University, Ben helped the Student Government Association modify its constitution to become more accessible to the student body. Through his advocacy the constitution was changed to permit any student to run for an executive office. In addition, Ben also has been a strong advocate for LGBTQI issues on campus. He presented a request to the administration to review its housing policies related to gender inclusiveness. Ben also benchmarked other institutions in the state and helped facilitate discussions with the Student Government Association to support greater inclusiveness across campus. Ben shows great compassion for others and strength as an advocate. I look forward to watch Ben's continue to grow as a leader and advocate over the next three years.

Dr. Janet Dudley-Eshbach
Salisbury University

Personal Statement

The world we live in is dynamic and diverse. Immigration and emigration rates are increasing. As people seek to better their lives, more minority groups seeking justice, and the divide between rich and poor grows wider by the year. That is why I believe that my generation has been charged with the task of bringing us all together. By working with SU administration to secure gender-inclusive housing, I've helped expand LGBT+ inclusion and rights on campus. I've lobbied our state government to secure consistent and necessary public higher education funding. In addition, I have worked with the University Counseling Center to promote mental health awareness and provide tools to assist students. As a volunteer for SU's "I Love Salisbury", I have worked with students from different clubs and organizations to reach out to the community to show their support and build strong connections between SU and the community. In trying times, communities must come together and stand for what is right, giving voices to those history has attempted to silence and fight for the equality and inclusion of all peoples. Beautiful things can happen when people unite under a common banner to induce positive change.

Benjamin Lenox
International Relations/Political Science: Class of 2019
written 2016

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