Becca Broda

Bellarmine University

Becca Broda, a Class of 2020 Bellarmine University student, is a leader on campus whose experiences are preparing her to be a problem-solver and change-maker in her community. In the fall 2018 semester, Bellarmine opened Knights Pantry, a no-cost food pantry for any student experiencing food insecurity. As the Student Director of the pantry, Becca was instrumental in this project. She put an incredible amount of work into creating surveys to measure need, benchmarking, writing the grant, and is the primary person responsible for pantry operations. Becca displays the unique disposition of being extremely stable, yet always adaptable. She is mature beyond her years in her work ethic and performance. She embraces change, and seeks out collaboration.

Dr. Susan Donovan
Bellarmine University

Personal Statement

I first became involved in addressing issues of food security two years ago when an Alternative Spring Break trip to Charleston, South Carolina ignited my passion to fight the systemic issue. It was here where I met the most passionate community members who continue to have impact on my life today. The idea for a project on my campus that would address the issues surrounding food security came to me. I initiated the polling of my classmates' food insecurity and saw the same trends in national statistics. This eventually led to the opening of the first food pantry at Bellarmine University that provides food to our students at no cost. Opening the first food pantry on my campus has allowed me the opportunity to create and maintain a community partnership with our local food bank, Dare to Care, one of the largest organizations of its kind. Opening the food pantry has also allowed me to oversee pantry operations at the student director level along with overseeing marketing and promotions. My experience with this project has allowed me to become an advocate for food security on campus and in my community through connections I have made in the surrounding community.

Becca Broda
Sociology: Class of 2020
written 2019

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