Bailey Bindle

Peru State College

While pursuing a double major from Peru State College in Criminal Justice Counseling and Psychology (with a minor in Substance Abuse Counseling), Bailey is an important leader on campus and in our communities. Her service to students includes mentoring and last spring she was awarded Mentor of the Year by Peru State's Student Success Services.

Bailey is involved in many campus organizations. She was elected by the student body to serve as Student Senate Public Relations Manager. Bailey was also selected to head Feeding 44, a collaborative outreach with the Lincoln Food Bank that serves the food needs of 150 Nemaha County families on a monthly basis.

Bailey is also active on her hometown Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) chapter, speaking to area high school students about distracted driving dangers. Her work with SADD has grown to the state level where she serves on the Governor's Highway Safety Association and the national level as she served this past year on the SADD National Advisory Council, where she currently holds the position of National Vice President of Communication.

Bailey's commitment to service and leadership shines through her activities on campus, in our communities and to our nation.

Daniel Hanson
Peru State College

Personal Statement

Growing up, I always assumed that my community created the flourishing individual that I am today. However, when I began my collegiate career, I quickly realized that I had the ability to create a sense of community. I can create positive change, advocate for my beliefs and values, and inspire others. Through servant leadership, I have found my passion for touching the lives of others through hands-on involvement. I have always been one to stand out in the crowd by truly believing in myself and my ability to make a lasting difference, as well as taking the initiative to go above and beyond what is expected of me. I live with a goal for my life that is very personal to me-to do my part to make the world a better place. Moving forward, I will obtain my bachelor's degree in both Criminal Justice Counseling and Psychology, with a minor in Substance Abuse Counseling. This chosen path will allow me to continue serving those in need of a helping hand. I know that my hard work and passion in the field of prevention will be commemorated by the rewarding moments that will soon follow.

Bailey Bindle
Double Major in Psychology and Criminal Justice Counseling: Class of 2020
written 2019

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