Autumn Fourkiller

Rogers State University

Autumn Fourkiller is a senior at Rogers State University majoring in Public Affairs/Political Science. She has been active on campus all four years, and will continue changing the world as a graduate student next year. She is an active leader in Student Affairs as a Cultural and Community Engagement Liaison, has served as President of the Student Government Association, and will graduate from the Honors Program this May.

Dr Larry Rice
Rogers State University

Personal Statement

I was raised by a mother that considered voting not only a duty, but a privilege, one that was not to be taken lightly. She passed this respect of the institution on to me, though I could not have imagined as a child that the bulk of my undergraduate volunteer hours would be committed to helping others register to vote, serving on Rock the Vote committees, and pestering friends and strangers alike about sample ballots. I've had the pleasure to serve not only as the President of the Student Government Association, but this year's Election Commission Chairperson, as well as a member of the Oklahoma Campus Compact (OKCC) Campus Vote Advisory Committee. This summer I held an internship at the Cherokee County Election Board, an experience that helped combine my two passions: voting and serving Indian Country. Though my time at Rogers State is coming to an end, I hope that the work I have done will continue on long after I graduate, and that one day the majority of students on our campus will be politically active and regular voters.

Autumn Fourkiller
Public Affairs/Political Science: Class of 2019
written 2019

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