Autumn Crosley

Florida Gulf Coast University

Autumn Crosley, a third year student at Florida Gulf Coast University, is an inspiring student leader invested in finding solutions for challenges facing her local community and beyond. She is truly making the most of her college experience by seeking opportunities to create a more inclusive society for all. Autumn is focused on two important social issues: fair work conditions and pedestrian safety.
Autumn is currently working to create a positive on campus climate for years to come by assisting the creation of a resolution ensuring food vendors on campus commit to the Fair Food Program. She is working on the local level to create positive changes by addressing safety concerns within Lee County of Southwest Florida. Her hands-on approach and data led to improvement of two high-risk areas ensuring safer conditions for pedestrians.

Dr. Michael Martin
Florida Gulf Coast University

Personal Statement

I have always been an empathetic and passionate person, so as I gained awareness of issues in our society, I was pushed to find ways that I could help bring positive societal change. I became involved in efforts with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers during a protest that led to my work with the FGCU Student/Farmworker Alliance. I help mitigate labor abuses by organizing and educating students on campus about the Fair Food Program. I am helping with the creation of a resolution for FGCU administration to ensure food vendors on campus are committed to the Fair Food Program. I am also passionate about pedestrian safety. While surveying an area where an elderly individual was crossing without any type of pedestrian crossing I collected data on road safety issues, leading to the creation of a plan to address them. I was able to implement temporary improvements like pedestrian crossing. After submitting data to the local county officials, they are making changes to address safety issues. I continue to achieve my goals in making a more inclusive society by continuing to attend protests, organize, increase my knowledge and work on projects to help local communities.

Autumn Crosley
Political Science/International Relations: Class of 2021
written 2020

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