Aubrey Strong

Tunxis Community College

Aubrey Strong is a leader in every way at Tunxis Community College. She is President of Phi Theta Kappa, Vice-President of the Political Awareness Committee, and a founding member of the Healthy Minds Club. She has contributed to the campus newspaper called the Tunxis Sun, writing several articles regarding varying aspects of the Tunxis community. She has supported and attended events held by the Civic Engagement Institute (CEI), a campus organization devoted to encouraging students to become more civically active in their communities. She is a household name on our campus and has become synonymous with community engagement. Furthermore, she displays compassion and sensitivity for her fellow students and genuinely cares about their well being. It is not surprising that she has become an unofficial mentor to so many of them.

Dr. James Lombella
Tunxis Community College

Personal Statement

Most of my life has been dedicated in one form or another to the service of others and supporting them along their journey. We function better as individuals when we work together as a team; recognizing ourselves in others while appreciating the differences. I truly believe this which is why I am involved on campus as much as I am and in the ways that I am for the past two years. Making a difference locally is just as important as internationally and often more feasible for people. For example, the Civic Engagement Institute on campus has been a pillar of my civic education and social development, leading me to build strong connections within my community. In turn, the projects I worked on gave me the insight, network, and resources to bring back to the Tunxis students, faculty, and staff. For example, the Tunxis Phi Theta Kappa Chapter team conducted research that directly led to the implementation of the Tunxis Wellness Center (Summer 2020). I am now more intentional, proactive, knowledgeable, and vocal, than ever before. I take this empowered energy and passionate spirit with me everywhere I go because we truly become activated when we engage others.

Aubrey Strong
Mathematics and Data Analytics: Class of 2022
written 2020

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