Atzimba Rodriguez

Dominican University

As on-campus leader in Residence Life, the Psychology Department, international service and undergraduate research, Atzimba Rodriguez leads student engagement in causes that activate them to use their knowledge to change situations oppressing or harming others. Whether these situations are local, regional or global, Atzimba has been a leader in addressing injustices in our society.
Off campus, Atzimba makes a significant contribution to exposing situations of injustice for refugees, immigrants and workers. She works with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights to inform undocumented immigrants about importance of their involvement in local projects that will help them access local resources.
She has been an intern with UNITE HERE Local 1 helping organize and support workers fighting for their dignity and rights. Her service with local organizations who work with youth of color and the problems they face have helped address issues of violence, gangs, under-resourced educational opportunities, and joblessness.
All of these engagements have educated Atzimba on social justice issues affecting our community, as well as, important ways to change unjust situations and contribute to solving local and global problems. She uses her experience and her education to change to world one person/one situation at a time!

Dr Donna M. Carroll PhED
Dominican University

Personal Statement

I believe in a life of examination, and I have come to realize that helping other is the best way to learn about yourself. Many times we do service with the idea that we will be making an impact on someone else's life, although this might be true, most of the time we are the ones that are impacted by the ones we are trying to help. I have a passion for helping others for fairness and justice. I want to help in any way I can: it might be helping with labor, listening to the people, sharing experiences. Fairness and Justice are very important to me, especially in talking with people and reminding them that they have rights as human beings regardless of their status or where they live.

Atzimba Rodriguez
Psychology/Criminology: Class of 2018
written 2016

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