Ashley Tisch

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Ashley Tisch, a student in the Master's in Counseling Psychology program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, is a U.S. Army veteran that continues to give back to military families. She saw the struggles her comrades faced leaving their spouses and children behind, and felt the call to serve these families who had sacrificed so much. She couples her leadership strengths and cultural sensitivity into an impactful volunteer role at Kids Rank. Kids Rank is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that empowers military children, by engaging them in activities designed to encourage resilience. Ashley's dynamic approach makes her effective in supporting the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs of children. Her creative and insightful preparation has played a successful role in her capabilities as a program developer, children's volunteer coordinator, and group leader. In addition to her studies and volunteer work, Ashley will begin training in April to become a Mission Continues Fellow. The Mission Continues is a program for veterans who want to serve communities nationwide. Ashley's passion and commitment to bettering her community are truly evident through her service, and we are proud to have Ashley as a member of our community.

Tiffany Masson Psy.D.
Campus Dean
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Personal Statement

I joined the military in August 2008, an experience that changed my life. I grew to understand the rewards and challenges that accompany this culture. During deployment, I saw the struggles my comrades faced leaving their spouses and children behind. Service members are required to leave their families for deployments, missions, and training, often with minimal support and for extensive periods of time. After completing my military service, I sought to utilize my experience and give back. I needed to serve these families who had sacrificed so much. I started volunteering with Kids Rank, an incredible organization devoted to developing resilience, and supporting the social, intellectual, and emotional needs of military children. Military families are an underserved population, especially military children. I serve these families through volunteer work, program development and preparation for national expansion. Kids Rank is a meaningful and effective program, providing children stability and support. Kids Rank serves every military child, by fostering awareness of the growing need to support military children.

Ashley Tisch
Counseling Psychology, Trauma and Crisis Concentration: Class of June 2019
written 2017

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