Ashley Smith

Lindsey Wilson College

Ashley Smith is a fourth-year psychophysiology major with a pre-medicine emphasis at Lindsey Wilson College, with a secondary major in biology and a minor in chemistry. She recently changed her emphasis from pre-veterinary science to pre-medicine, based on her experiences serving with a local crisis resource center last summer. Through working directly with clients at the resource center, Ashley saw how poverty, lack of education, and poor health create a cycle that can seem impossible to break out of, and she wants to use her future career as a medical professional to advocate for stronger rural health services, including education about health. In addition to her regular service with the crisis resource center, Ashley also plans to conduct community-based research in the coming year in order to explore actions that can be taken to improve rural health and health education in our community.

William Luckey
Lindsey Wilson College

Personal Statement

While I have served in poverty reduction for many years, it is only within the past year that I have started to make connections between poverty and health. While completing my Bonner Summer of Service at J.O.Y Ministries Crisis Resource Center this summer, I gained the opportunity to immerse myself in day-to-day operations, including distributing food and clothing while interacting with clients. I began to fully grasp the issue of food insecurity and poverty, and the role that health plays. I saw firsthand the cycle of how poor health could lead to unemployment and poverty, and poverty could lead to poor health. I changed my career choice from veterinarian to physician, as my service experiences fueled the realization that I wanted to connect my service with and be an advocate for people in need. The root causes of poverty, poor health, and a lack of health education are all connected, building a system that is difficult for most to escape. In order to combat this issue, I plan on performing community-based research to gather data that reveals the underlying causes of systemic poverty. I hope to do my part in creating a healthier community, both physically and financially.

Ashley Smith
Biology & Psychophysiology (Pre-Med Emphasis): Class of 22-May
written 2021

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