Ashley Roehrman

Virginia Wesleyan University

Ashley Roehrman, a third-year student at Virginia Wesleyan University, is a dedicated community advocate for environmentalism. Since her arrival on the VWU campus, she has been a member of Marlins Go Green (the president the last two years). Because of her dedication to the environment, she has served as the student leader on the Environmental Sustainability Council (formerly the President's Environmental Initiatives Council). She is currently working on developing the VWU Environmental Guiding Principles, heading the Recylcemania challenge on the campus, and helping Wesleyan Engaged develop an end-of-the-year donation site for any items students do not wish to take home rather than having them thrown out. Outside of this, Ashley is working with the community on an electronics recycling program for the campus and surrounding community during Earth Week. She continually goes into the community, including schools, to talk about environmental issues and the importance of showcasing environmental discrimination in regards to low income areas, which leads to a decreased life-expectancy for residents.

Dr. Scott Miller
Virginia Wesleyan University

Personal Statement

I've always had an affinity for the natural world, and my passion for environmental issues began in my junior year of high school while I was taking environmental science and became aware of the environmental crises happening to our natural world. Since then, I have become more aware of the institutions and practices that are contributing to the destruction of our natural environment. I've maintained my passion for environmental issues by becoming an active member of the Environmental Sustainability Council on campus. I'm also currently serving president of Marlins Go Green, an on-campus environmental club that makes strides for awareness and sustainability through education, activism, and volunteer opportunities. With Marlins Go Green, I planned and assisted in writing a grant that successfully funded an on-campus garden and meadow.
Recently, I spoke at a symposium, "Generations Uniting to Address Climate Change," on the panel "What can we do together" with community and political leaders. Currently, I'm serving my second year as an intern of sustainability and energy with facilities management in efforts to bring more awareness and sustainable practices on campus to become a greener and more environmentally conscious university.

Ashley Roehrman
Environmental Studies: Class of 2021
written 2020

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