Ashley Mazariegos

Glendale Community College

Ashley Mazariegos possesses numerous desirable qualities that lend themselves to leadership positions. She is motivated by helping others and knowing that she can make a difference in the lives of others. She's articulate, dedicated, confident, motivated, and self-assured. Currently, Ashley is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, Women Rising, and is the President of our college's Associated Student Government (ASG). Within ASG, she excels in participating on campus-wide committees, leading her officer team, and facilitating college events.

During her first year at Glendale Community College, Ashley was a participant in the Maricopa County Community College District's Student Public Policy Forum and the recipient of the Chancellor's Civic Medallion. Ashley decided to host a candidate forum during the midterm elections. I have had nothing but positive feedback from both our internal and external community regarding the event. Ashley is focused and looks for team accomplishments as opposed to individual accomplishments and accolades. She is proof positive of the very best of what Glendale Community College is possible of helping to create-hardworking and determined, she will undoubtedly achieve all of her goals, pre-determined or otherwise, and be an enormous asset and credit to any program or institution.

Teresa Leyba Ruiz
Glendale Community College

Personal Statement

For the majority of my life, I held little regard for politics. As a female Hispanic minority, I felt as if I did not have a voice. However, once I stepped foot onto my college campus, I became aware of the impact I could have on the lives of others. It is through my involvement on campus that I have been able to address social issues that directly affect students. I currently serve as the student body president of my college and since the onset of my term I have made it my goal to not only advocate for the needs of students, but to also work collaboratively with my team to address issues to find solutions. This past year I saw the opportunity to impact local legislation by holding a Maricopa Community College Governing Board Candidate Forum. It was through this forum that I was able to impact the lives of members and students in my community by providing them with a venue where they learned the importance of becoming aware of the legislation and issues that directly impact them. Looking forward, I hope to continue to be of service to others and to affect positive
change wherever possible.

Ashley Mazariegos
Business and Sustainability: Class of May-19
written 2019

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