Arianna Pittenger

Mott Community College

Arianna Pittenger is a standout member of the Mott Community College (Flint, MI) family. A second-year Biology/Pre-Med student, she has distinguished herself through her ability to build meaningful connections with others, and possesses a capacity to persevere in spite of difficult circumstances.

Arianna serves many leadership roles at the College. She is an officer for the Alpha Omicron Iota chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, and is a member of the National Society of Leadership of Success. She was a founding member of the College's Feminist League and currently serves as its President. As an aide in the Office of the President, she coordinates monthly meetings between the President and fellow students.

Arianna has embraced the concept of service learning through her alter ego, "Jo Jo," a member of the Mott Campus Clowns, a troupe comprised of Honors College students trained to perform anti-bullying assemblies for elementary school children as well as perform in parades and hospitals.

Arianna spends many hours volunteering on projects to help the homeless, and actively works to break down negative stereotypes of those living with disabilities. She is insightful, talented, and deeply committed to combating injustice and inequity in her community and abroad.

Beverly Walker-Griffea
Mott Community College

Personal Statement

My history with addressing social inequalities began with Social Diversity and Civic Engagement, an Honors College course I took at Mott Community College. Through this class, I gained greater awareness and understanding of several issues, which generated a desire to seek out others like me who were interested in making an impact at the college and beyond. I joined a student club called the Feminist League, and became a Mott Campus Clown, which presented me with a unique and rewarding experience learning how to combat bullying and other social inequalities in a direct, personal manner.

Currently I serve as Feminist League President, Vice President of Outreach for our Phi Theta Kappa chapter, and have been a Campus Clown for two semesters. I am also involved with the MCC chapter of the American Association for Women in Community College, the National Society of Leadership and Success, Psi Beta Psychology Honor Society, and TRiO. Through my experiences, I believe that lack of education and awareness serve as the root of many of the social inequality issues I've witnessed, and that the integration of social diversity classes into the standard curriculum would be a significant step forward in limiting these inequalities.

Arianna Pittenger
Biology/Pre-Medicine: Class of May 2018
written 2018

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