Antonette White

Adelphi University

Antonette White, a junior at Adelphi University, is a student leader dedicated to social justice and to creating a truly inclusive environment on campus. The president of the campus organization Black Students United, she focuses on helping students of color overcome hurdles to success and fully involve themselves in campus life. She works to promote awareness of the experience of students of color and of issues of concern to them, using her talent for treating situations as teachable moments that unite rather than inflame - something that is particularly important in this difficult and divided time on campuses and across the country. She is equally committed to helping individual students, serving as a writing tutor helping students with autism spectrum disorder and as a resident assistant in her residence hall, advising and encouraging her peers.

Christine Riordan Ph.D.
Adelphi University

Personal Statement

It wasn't until I went to Adelphi that I began to understand that students of color struggle more, especially when they've had to overcome hurdles like poverty, lack of opportunities, and segregation. I wanted to address these issues, so I took a leadership role in Black Students United. As president, I help develop ways to involve students of color on campus, creating mentoring programs, holding cultural events such as the annual Kwanzaa dinner and other services, to aid marginalized groups. I advocate for safe spaces and open conversations on campus for all under-represented groups, raise funds for causes and organizations that also work to uplift us, and work to encourage my peers to get involved on campus. I am also a Resident Assistant, where I advise students in my residence hall and work with departments such as the Center for Student Involvement to help build emerging leaders. I am also a writing tutor, which has allowed me to work with students in the Bridges to Adelphi program for people with autism spectrum disorder. These collaborations have helped make Adelphi an inclusive campus.

Antonette White
Political Science: Class of May 2019
written 2018

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