Anthony D’Ambrosio

Yale University

Anthony D'Ambrosio, a second year student at Yale University, is a student leader active in issues of sexual assault, campus climate, and leadership development. This past fall, Anthony was a lead organizer of the Fearless Conference, a national event dedicated to sexual assault prevention, awareness and recovery, focused on areas of the discourse that have previously been isolated, overlooked, or misconstrued. Anthony has also taken the role of Coordinator for the Dwight Hall at Yale Student Executive Committee, where he leads more than 70 student groups in creating social change. Anthony is an exceptionally thoughtful leader who has the rare capability of envisioning a better future and the work ethic to bring it about. With an unending commitment to service and a depth of innate skills, there is no limit to the positive impact Anthony will continue to make on this world.

Dr. Peter Salovey
President/Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology
Yale University

Personal Statement

I have always been passionate about public service, and my experience at Yale has only strengthened my interest. Eight years ago, I founded a nonprofit organization called American Sign Language (ASL) Sports. Over the past several years, the organization has hosted dozens of organized clinics and athletic events for children with physical, cognitive, and auditory disabilities. While at Yale, I have found a second home within Dwight Hall at Yale, the Center for Public Service and Social Justice. Within the Hall, I have served in both At-Large and Co-Coordinator institutional positions, and I have focused on several public health initiatives in working closely with organizations such as Partners in Health and Community Health Educators. Outside of Dwight Hall, I have had the tremendous opportunity and privilege to serve as Co-Founder and Director of Unite Against Sexual Assault Yale (USAY). I hope to one day utilize my experiences and privileges to fight for social justice, civic engagement, and public service.

Anthony D’Ambrosio
History: Class of 2018
written 2016

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