Anne Marie Vaillancourt

Plymouth State University

Anne Marie has set herself apart as an exceptional leader in the Community Service Center this year. In addition to being the main organizer of toiletry and food drives here on campus, Anne Marie coordinated one of our largest community service events, Angel Tree. Angel Tree is a collaboration between PSU and community organizations with the goal of providing holiday gifts to children in the region. This was not an easy task. Over 350 children benefit from this effort annually. Anne Marie is social justice and equity minded. Her resume emphasizes care for the people in her community. Recently, Anne accepted an internship where she is designing a play group for low income women and children and she lights up with enthusiasm whenever she talks about this effort.

Dr. Donald Birx
Plymouth State University

Personal Statement

Being able to work first hand on the Angel Tree Project over the past two years is always my favorite time of the school year. No matter how demanding the tasks for this project could get, to have it accomplished and going out of my comfort zone was very rewarding.I enjoyed getting to know what the big picture was. Being able to see all of the Angel tags being taken by the students and faculty made all the work seem to have a purpose. The best reward of it all was seeing the presents come into the collections room one by one and seeing the stacks get bigger and bigger. You know that's what the whole project is about, it is helping the families around the area in need to give their children a day they could only imagine. And to be a part of that process is very rewarding and I wouldn't think my time here at PSU would have been the same otherwise.

Anne Marie Vaillancourt
Childhood Studies: Class of 2016
written 2016

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