Anisha Sukumaran

Adventist University of Health Sciences

Anisha Sukumaran, a junior Health and Biomedical Sciences student at Adventist University of Health Sciences (ADU), is a dedicated student leader who is involved, both on campus and in the local community, in the process of affecting positive social change. For more than two years, Anisha has participated in efforts designed to address the needs of various populations within the community. She is the President of the ADU Pre-Medicine Society, a student small group co-director on campus, and a member of the ADU Choir, which serves the community through performing at area hospitals, nursing homes, and churches. Anisha also regularly volunteers for Give Kids the World, the National Children's Cancer Society, and the American Heart Association. Anisha is passionate about fundraising for medical mission trips and providing necessary sustenance for Central Florida's homeless population. She is committed to uplifting the most vulnerable of the community through song, conversation, and action.
Anisha is a devoted student leader. She responds to the needs of the community and collaborates with others to implement thorough, sincere services to address those needs. Her enthusiasm to empower her fellow students into deep, meaningful service render her an exemplary candidate for the Newman Civic Fellows Award.

David Greenlaw
Founding President/CEO
Adventist University of Health Sciences

Personal Statement

I was introduced to the concept of service at a young age. The values instilled in me by my parents and faith community encouraged me to serve. As a child, my family and I would provide meals to the homeless in Washington D.C. I witnessed despair and vulnerability in my interactions there, which compelled me to make a difference.

Adventist University (ADU) has helped me find new ways to apply the same values introduced to me in childhood to opportunities like medical missions, and service to sick children. I am honored to serve as the Pre-Medicine Society President at ADU, which allows me to both lead and learn from my peers. Specific efforts I hold dear, both personally, and as a future healthcare professional, include advocacy and service to the American Heart Association, and the National Children's Cancer Society. It is my joy to help others, and I value the opportunity civic work provides me to gain a greater perspective on the needs of the individuals who, someday, will be my patients. Humbling myself in service is how I put my values and faith, planted long ago, into action, to lift others out of despair and into hope and healing.

Anisha Sukumaran
Health and Biomedical Sciences: Class of 2018
written 2017

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