Ania G. Salcedo

St. Catherine University

Ania Salcedo is a bilingual junior, majoring in International Studies and History, with a minor in Political Science. She has maintained a high GPA while also demonstrating robust service in our Student Senate for the past two years, as a legal intern at the Immigrant Law Center of MN, and the president of the Latinx Student Association this past year. Ania is already living out our University’s vision of “educating women to lead and influence” as seen through her leadership roles at and beyond St. Catherine University, and in particular, her continued commitment to immigrant communities. She has assisted Spanish-speaking children and adults with English language acquisition, provided translation services, supported families whose relatives have been detained with the court process, and educated the general public about the complexities of immigration and its ramifications. I have no doubt Ania will continue to work toward justice for immigrants as well as for our entire human family.  

ReBecca Roloff
St. Catherine University

Personal Statement

As an undocumented first-generation student, my work has a strong focus in immigrant advocacy and equitable education opportunities. I have worked extensively in the Student Senate to create spaces for other student leaders to advocate for marginalized communities. Through a collaboration with the Department of Financial Aid and the Minnesota Private College Council, I organized Day at the Capitol. We prepared a group of students to visit with State Representatives and advocate for the continuation of the MN State Grant, funding offered to low-income Minnesota students. My passion for immigrant justice compels me to organize events where students can stand up against social injustices that immigrants experience. I worked with the Sisters of St. Joseph to coordinate an Interfaith Vigil in solidarity with undocumented immigrants. I do this work because I want to provide opportunities for students to activate the St. Kate’s mission of social justice into civic action. Currently, I am researching strategies to attract more undocumented students to apply to St. Catherine University, including allocating financial resources to make attendance possible for future generations of undocumented students at St. Kate’s. I am devoted to helping my campus take the lead as a welcoming institution for undocumented youth.

Ania G. Salcedo
History & International Studies/ Minor in Political Science: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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