Angela Richardson

Loras College

Angela Richardson, a second year student at Loras College, is a student leader active in addressing issues of religious intolerance and understanding through dialog. For the past two years, Angela has worked with Better Together, Interfaith Youth Core and Children of Abraham to address interfaith dialog, bringing together communities to educate individuals about the importance of unprejudiced dialog and understanding other faith traditions. Importantly, Angela works to overcome the status quo and encourages others to engage with a wide diversity of individuals, in particular, those of other faith traditions. In the near future, Angela hopes to work on education inequality and scientific literacy issues in the local Dubuque school community. Leveraging the assets of college campuses, Angela looks to create curricula for students to develop understanding of science and scientific methodology.

James Collins
Loras College

Personal Statement

I believe that peace and a better future can only be achieved through intentional action and the concerted effort of communities. Much of the work I do with Better Together, a college level subsidiary of the Interfaith Youth Core, is aimed at uniting communities to accomplish common goals and educating individuals on the importance of unprejudiced dialogue. In Dubuque, we are working towards unifying our neighborhoods by participating in and promoting Children of Abraham - a monthly gathering of the Muslims, Christians, and Jews to discuss the different interpretations of religious themes. Importantly we are motivating our peers in college to take an active part in these discussions so that they can overcome the status quo and engage with a wide diversity of people. We also take action with community service groups like the "Andrew Connolly Make a Difference Day" which unites organizations throughout Dubuque to do service for those within the city who are unable to do exorbitant housework. As an officer for Better Together, I also organize and plan "Religiositea" events where guest speakers can come and share their unique religious perspective on contemporary issues and have meaningful dialogue with college students. This engagement creates a lasting positive impact.

Angela Richardson
Neuroscience: Class of 05/2019
written 2017

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