Angela Paulino

Skidmore College

Angela Paulino '17 is a government major. In her two and a half years as a Skidmore student, she has served as a leader of three student organizations dedicated to furthering social justice causes. She is a tireless advocate for students of color, both on and off campus. Her advocacy is supported by a sophisticated engagement with scholarship on issues of intersectionality, representation, and political power. She is a bright and dedicated young woman who is not afraid to tackle the root causes of community challenges in the United States and marshaling her peers to create systematic mechanisms for social change.

Angela has demonstrated the ability to identify and respond to social issues presented to her. Her broad spectrum strategizing-from small scale to highly visible, supported by scholarly inquiry - exemplifies Angela's transformative approach to social change.

Dr. Philip A. Glotzbach
Skidmore College

Personal Statement

I look back and I think of my fourth grade self. President of the newly formed Martin Luther King Jr. Club in my fourth grade classroom. Pigtails and a smile that said I'm nice, but do something mean, and I'm sure to call you out on it. I never tolerated meanness. But this view on meanness has matured into intolerance towards injustice. I am passionate about addressing injustice and issues facing marginalized communities, specifically that of People of Color. I am utilizing my government major to gain political skill and policy insight into what can be done to tackle these issues. I hope to one day go into immigration or civil rights policy. But for now, I am on the executive board of two social justice clubs and an awareness club: The People of Color Union, Democracy Matters, and Raíces, respectively. It is through these clubs that I express my passion to empower others.

Angela Paulino
Government: Class of 2017
written 2016

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