Angela Lose

Grand View University

Angela is a member of our ambassador program, is a member of Grand View's Iowa College AmeriCorps Program and is president of our student volunteer organization. Angela has also been recognized as an Iowa Campus Compact Civic Ambassador for the past two years.

Part of her role as an Iowa Civic Ambassador was to coordinate Grand View's Service Fair. Angela hosted over 30 nonprofit organizations from the Des Moines area to campus. This fair connected our local nonprofit agencies with Grand View faculty and students. The Iowa College AmeriCorps Program at Grand View requires students serve in the local community 300 hours. Angela assisted in coordinating MLK Week of Service which included recruiting over 300 volunteers for the week in various service projects. One of the highlights of the week of service included a meal packaging event where the Grand View community packaged over 50,000 meals.

Angela is passionate about service and uses her passion to recruit her fellow peers to serve in the community with her. She has the ability to motivate students and get them excited about service. This past year Viking Volunteers has grown under her leadership and is now one of the largest organizations on Grand View's campus.

Kent Henning
Grand View University

Personal Statement

As I began my college career I knew I wanted to make a difference. Within my four years I wanted to leave behind a message.

That is when I decided to get involved. Getting involved in things in and out of my comfort zone would help me grow. College is about growing as a person and preparing yourself for many different things. Having a close connection to my campus and community was something I loved. I realized that not every student had this passion.

I wanted to change that. Even if I was able to get 100 students involved in 1 year that is a start. I began working closely with staff at Grand View to come up with ideas on how to stimulate student involvement and work inside and outside of our campus. I wanted each student to feel the passion that I have towards being involved.

As I am finishing my time out at Grand View I want to leave behind a legacy that being involved will change your college career. I have been working hard since I set that goal to help grow the student body and the connection to serving.

Together, as college students, we can change the world. It all starts here.

Angela Lose
Journalism/Public Relations: Class of 2018
written 2017

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