Andrew Venditti

Northern Essex Community College

Andrew is a dynamic student leader whose constant focus is on addressing inequality. Andrew attended the first Community College Advocacy Day at the Massachusetts State House in 2019, sharing his personal story to passionately advocate for affordable health care and college access for all. As President of Students for a Democratic Society, Andrew leads discussion around societal issues such a racism and political polarization, including their root causes. As a Journalism major, Andrew understands the important role of the free press to hold governments accountable and provide needed transparency. He is supportive to his fellow Journalism students and is described as “an excellent collaborator.” Andrew is a leader amongst his peers and has impressed many with his care and concern for his classmates. He is not afraid to start conversations and inspires others to engage in dialogue on challenging subjects, which is vital to create a healthy democracy. Andrew combines intellect with empathy in such a way to be a role model for others.

Lane Glenn
Northern Essex Community College

Personal Statement

Western Civilization class changed my life, but not how I would’ve expected. It was during that class that I woke up on the floor surrounded by curious eyes, and with a pounding headache. Later, I found out it was because of a non-cancerous brain tumor. I’m telling this story because I feel lucky. I had health insurance to cover the expensive surgery needed to remove it. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone. That experience is why I feel so strongly that everyone has access to affordable medicine and education. As the president of NECC’s Students for a Democratic Society, we meet to discuss and think about solutions to societal issues like systemic racism, income inequality and climate change. As a Journalism student, I know journalism can be used as a tool to assure transparency in the way our institutions and governments operate. That’s why in 2019, I went to the Massachusetts statehouse for Community College Advocacy Day. Alongside fellow students, we represented NECC’s student base to talk directly with state politicians. We talked to them about how higher education is sometimes prohibitively expensive, and how that can force people to choose between their education and things like brain surgery.

Andrew Venditti
Journalism/Communications: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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