Andrew Folkes

Fisher College

Andrew Folkes, a junior at Fisher College, is an active volunteer and aspiring lawyer who is deeply committed to supporting the underrepresented and under-resourced. Since his freshman year, Andrew has worked diligently to lend a hand to those experiencing food insecurity, severe illness, and homelessness. Andrew's service work has inspired him to find new and innovative ways of empowering members of marginalized communities. Most recently, Andrew completed a program with The Washington Center, where he helped an organization launch an app called "Reyets," which promotes equity and social justice, using technology to impact positive social change.

Alan Ray
Fisher College

Personal Statement

I believe that power is something that should be shared among the many rather than the few. Growing up amongst poverty and social injustice, I've witnessed firsthand the negative impacts on individuals who have the misfortune of being categorized in these groups. This has fueled my motivation for wanting to make a difference and to be a voice for the voiceless. With past civic experiences, and as the president of the Fisher College Community Service Club, I've had the opportunity to implement impactful change in my community. My journey has led me to D.C. where I worked for a non-profit organization, Food & Friends. This placed me on the forefront in the field going door to door delivering nutritious meals to countless individuals who have been victims of poverty, many of whom are battling chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. In D.C., I've also worked on a project that addressed social injustice against individuals who are not aware of their rights. I spread awareness via street surveys and aided in the creation of an app called "Reyets" which aims to reduce future injustices. It brings me joy and satisfaction to make others feel wanted, loved and worthy.

Andrew Folkes
Criminal Justice & Psychology: Class of 2020
written 2019

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