Andreas Lyros

Hellenic American University

Andreas Lyros, a third-year student at Hellenic American University, offers volunteer work to Non-Governmental Organizations related to minorities, homeless people and drug addicts. For the last two years, he has been supporting Shedia Magazine, the only Street Magazine distributed by homeless people in Athens and Thessaloniki, by translating and providing information, selling magazines to vendors, updating records of homeless customers, aiding with exhibitions of Shedia around Athens, and assisting with online computer work. During the last year, he has provided mental health support, as well as Greek and English Language Lessons, to unaccompanied minors via the programs of the LIBRA Home Project. Currently, he is also working as part of the Emotional Discharge Group, at Tunnel of Oppression, aiding the audience to reprocess and express emotional and cognitive uneasiness.

Mr. Leonidas Phoebus Koskos, Esq.
Hellenic American University

Personal Statement

Hellenic American University has provided me with the opportunity to come in contact with the minorities of Athens, as well as the major issues of contemporary Greece: homelessness, refugees, drug use, issues of discrimination, and overall violations of human rights. With the aid of Hellenic American University's exceptional instructors, I became an active volunteer in multiple Non-Governmental Organizations in Athens, and I have been lucky enough to serve the populations in need. My services included: teaching unaccompanied refugee minors the Greek and English languages through 'LIBRA: The Home Project', aiding the actions of 'Shedia', the first and only Greek magazine of the homeless, collaborating with groups focused on the emotional relief of theatre viewers, and more. Through the Internship course provided in the Bachelor of Psychology Program, I was able to serve as an ambassador of the Hellenic American University for US students. I have successfully encouraged my fellow students to offer their services to all the actions I myself have contributed to. Currently, I am going through interviews to become a member of the 11528, a suicide prevention hotline devoted to raising awareness on LGBT issues.

Andreas Lyros
Psychology: Class of 2020
written 2019

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