Andrea Ramos

Westminster College

Andrea Ramos is a student who exemplifies the mission of Westminster College. A double major in Transnational Studies and Political Science, she works tirelessly through the Center for Faith & Service and the Office of Community Engagement to serve the wider community. Andrea is truly a global citizen dedicated to the betterment of her community and the world. Andrea is a member of EcoHouse, a theme house dedicated to education and activism around issues related to the Environment, and is the Sustainability Coordinator for the Center for Faith & Service. In addition, she serves as the President of Spanish Club and is an active member of the Debate Team and Global Development and Progress student club. Andrea is also a recipient of this year's Project for Peace Award through the Davis Foundation, and will travel to Guatemala this summer for a service project, along with her team members.

Benjamin Akande
Westminster College

Personal Statement

I have always believed that even though we have borders and seas that separate our nations, there still is a planet we share. The concerns of others far away from my home, little by little have become my own. When I came to college I decided to major in Transnational Studies, which has taught me more than I could have imagined about global issues. Westminster College has exposed me to different cultures and the different problems each faces today. I strive to help my community aware of this issues and make others feel empowered to take action. EcoHouse, where I live, has made me more mindful of what I consume and the impact each action I make has on the environment . Through this organization, I have advocated for the use of sustainable methods and have generated discussion on climate change on my campus. Additionally, as President of Spanish Club I have made it my mission to involve as many people in experiencing Latin American culture: From having salsa lessons, to having a panel discussion on drug trafficking. Through other organizations I belong to, I have organized events on economic inequality, illegal immigration and human trafficking. Service has become my passion, engaging my community in learning and most importantly understanding, because I believe that one small change can truly make an impact on the world.

Andrea Ramos
Transnational Studies: Class of May 2019
written 2017

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