Amy Blaquiere

Miles Community College

Amy Blaquiere, a sophomore at Miles Community College, has made it her cause to raise awareness of the inequity of access to education in third-world countries and she continues to work toward finding solutions to this issue. In particular, Amy has spent the last few years working with AIDSpirit to help the children in the Kayunga District of Uganda. In the summer of 2016, she stayed 17 days in Uganda where she spent time with children in the schools and orphanages in the district. She continues to give talks to community organizations and is working with local groups and schools to raise funds that can go back to the children of Uganda to help them access education. She plans to go back to this district in 2018 and bring supplies and resources to the schools and children.

Stacy Klippenstein
Miles Community College

Personal Statement

I was made aware of education equality when I became involved with an organization called AIDSpirit USA through Key Club that funds an orphanage and education in Uganda. I was sadly unaware of the depravity third-world countries face when it comes to basic human rights, especially education. We constantly hear that education is a way out of poverty but how are they supposed to learn when they can't afford it? In Uganda specifically it costs an average of $360 for a primary student to go to school for a year, but the GDP per capita is only $571 a year. When a child moves onto secondary school, the fee doubles. The average family cannot afford a basic education, which creates a vicious cycle of poverty that many cannot escape from. I raised money to travel to Uganda in the summer of 2016, and spent 17 life-changing days there. My mission is to raise awareness of this injustice in third world countries and provide a basic human right to citizens of those nations. This is something more Americans need to become aware of so we can focus on helping nations like Uganda work themselves out of poverty.

Amy Blaquiere
Business (Associate of Science): Class of May 2017
written 2017

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