Amber Lindsay

Raritan Valley Community College

Amber Lindsay is a second-year Environmental Science major who embodies the spirt of service at Raritan Valley Community College. As President of the RVCC Environmental Club, and through her participation in service learning environmental science courses, she has pursued her passions with great impact. Amber led the "Little Scientist Night" program in which hundreds of local elementary school visited the campus for a fun-filled night of science. Through fundraising efforts and securing a student enrichment grant, she helped fund a study abroad program in Brazil for students focusing on environmental science. Amber also organized a public event, "From PennEast to Standing Rock: Impacts of Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines on Our Lives," conducted in partnership with the RVCC Environmental Justice Partnership. The event brought speakers and environmental leaders from a wide variety of conservation and community groups in New Jersey, including the Sierra Club, NJ Conservation Foundation, Pinelands Preservation Alliance, and Rethink Energy NJ. Always trying to help others, she also has partnered with various RVCC clubs to support their activities, including the "FarmBot" project initiated by the Mathematics and Computer Science clubs.

Michael McDonough Ph.D
Raritan Valley Community College

Personal Statement

As a student at Raritan Valley Community College, I am very excited about the opportunity to expand my work in environmental science and to contribute more meaningfully to the community. One of my favorite projects has been working with the grassroots organization Environmental Justice Partnership, as well as several other organizations, to coordinate and host a conference advocating against the Penn East Pipeline in our local counties. I was especially impressed with seeing how different organizations can rally together to create change and raise awareness of important issues. Another profound experience involved helping to organize a "Little Scientist Night." I worked with a local non-profit serving under-resourced families, giving them the opportunity to learn about science. I coordinated the participation of the College's STEM clubs for the event, as well as a local high school robotics team. The experience helped me realize that I have the power to create change and coordinate such a large events. All of these opportunities have helped me network with people who can aid in my ability to make an impact on my local environment and to enhance the quality of life for the community.

Amber Lindsay
Environmental Science: Class of Fall 2018
written 2018

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