Amanda Smith

Shippensburg University

I am excited to support Ms. Amanda Smith as our nominee for the prestigious Newman Civic Fellows Award. Amanda is currently pursuing a Social Work degree as a full time student and has had a tremendous impact on the Shippensburg community through her volunteer efforts as a board member and Community Connector for Shippensburg Produce and Outreach (SPO) and Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition (SCRC). Alongside her community involvement as well as her pursuit of a Bachelor's degree, she is the founder of Circle of Love - a nonprofit clothing bank for the underserved. Through her work she has provided many individuals with food services, social service referrals and clothing. Amanda is dedicated to helping community members in any challenges they face and has managed all of this responsibility while facing her own adversities, including being a widow and single parent of two children. Her perseverance and love of the Shippensburg community can be seen in all that she does to serve the area. I am confident, as she embarks on her future endeavors she will continue to make great strides for her family and the Shippensburg University community through her eagerness to generously serve others.

George "Jody" Harpster
Shippensburg University

Personal Statement

As a nontraditional student, a mother, and a widow, I never dreamed college would be in my future. Attending Shippensburg University's Social Work program has been one of the greatest challenges met with one of the greatest rewards I have ever experienced. Being civic minded, I am very driven to serve those in the community and build connections toward a better future. Through the Social Work program, my involvement in Shippensburg Produce and Outreach and the Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition, I have gained confidence, acceptance, real life experience, and most importantly a network of friends who are more like family. Serving clients each week at Shippensburg Produce and Outreach brings me joy beyond words and allows for many teachable moments for both myself and the clients we serve. As a board member of the Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition as well as Shippensburg Produce and Outreach I am met with many challenges, but these challenges all too often end with great success. Having a heart for serving those in the community is thought to be a kind gesture for those benefiting, where in reality the real benefit goes to the person serving; never has my heart been so full.

Amanda Smith
Social Work: Class of 2018
written 2017

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