Amanda Miley

Buena Vista University

Amanda Miley, a third-year student at Buena Vista University, is a student leader who has been instrumental in volunteer and capacity building our alternative spring break program, Alternative Week of Offsite Learning (A.W.O.L.). The trips help students research and understand root causes to key social issues in the United States. They prepare them with the skills to solve the root causes and make a difference when they return to campus. Amanda, has played a key role in mobilizing over 80 students in 5,000 hours of service. Ms. Miley has dedicated herself to making communities better, but she is always recognizing that it takes a team of committed leaders and agents of change to make an impact.

Joshua Merchant
Buena Vista University

Personal Statement

My passion for addressing issues that pertain to poverty and food systems stem from the personal experiences had as a child. As I continued to age I began to not only further my education of these issues, but work with people to help relieve the pressure they place on life. I started small working with school food drives, spending time at a non-profit that works to feed the hungry in my area, and help at local pantries and soup kitchens. This is where my two passions converged, I noticed the more I worked with hunger the more appetent the connection with poverty was. As a student I knew I had to continue that work. I currently lead a student service organization that helps on and off campus to bring awareness to these issues via poverty simulations, and food packaging events for the surrounding community. Since my freshman year I have taken and planned trips to serve and further educate myself on these vast issues.

Amanda Miley
Biology: Class of May 2019
written 2018

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